As you’ve arrived on Kanta’s website, we extend our warmest welcome to you. Should we start by narrating how the legacy of 60 years in the manufacturing, global supply, and export of 100% pure and natural essential oils in the UK began for Kanta Enterprises?

It all started in 1971, when the dignitary entrepreneur, the late Mr. J.K. Gupta, acknowledged his passion for fragrances and flavor. He was entitled to be the “super smeller of his era.” He established Kanta Enterprises as the brainchild of Kanta Group in 1971 with the vision of providing 100% pure and natural essential oils, carrier oils, aromatic chemicals, diffuser fragrances, oleoresins, and unique natural blends.

Since then, Kanta Enterprises has been walking in his footsteps and surpassing benchmarks of excellence in both the fragrance and flavor industries. Today, we have a remarkable inventory of over 300 products serving a wide array of industries like cosmetics, skincare, haircare, aromatherapy, and Ayurvedic healing, among others.

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Quality is Our Priority

We are committed to serving our clients with 100% integrity, transparency, and authenticity.

Customization is our Driving Energy

Our expertise in crafting even the most intricate blends of natural fragrances using essential oils distinguishes us from the rest.

Timely Delivery

Our elaborate global network, robust R&D infrastructure, and exceptional team ensure the timely delivery of your orders.

Our Certifications that Will Strengthen Your Trust

As the best manufacturer, global supplier, and exporter of 100% pure and natural essential oils in the UK, Kanta Enterprises is committed to bringing oils that are made from only the highest quality plant-based ingredients, with no traces of mineral oils, artificial fragrances, synthetics, or toxic chemicals.These bonafide certifications clearly reflect our legacy of serving clients globally with esteemed quality products. Kanta’s team conducts these quality-control procedures for every product we manufacture.

Essential Oils: The True Bliss of Mother Nature

Essential oils find their origins in the essences of flowers, fruits, roots, leaves, roots, seeds, and bark. These extracted compounds are responsible for transmitting the natural properties of the plant they come from.
Obtained by steam distillation and fractional distillation, 100% pure and natural essential oils get easily absorbed by the skin and leave a soothing aroma in your atmosphere. Apart from their healing and therapeutic benefits, their versatile fragrances make them popular in industries like skincare, haircare, perfumery aromatherapy, anxiety relief, body healing therapies, etc.

The essential oil market in the UK has experienced excellent growth over the years. The growing demand for pure essential oils, coupled with people’s rising interest in aromatherapy and wellness, has contributed to the market’s expansion.

Having highlighted aromatherapy, this industry alone is the most prominent driver of the essential oils market in the UK, apart from other industries. Consumers are increasingly shifting towards 100% pure, natural, and sustainably sourced essential oils to manage their stressful lives and improve their overall well-being.

These are several of our USPs that will surely solidify your confidence in Kanta Enterprises as the most reputed manufacturer, global supplier, and exporter of essential oils in the UK.

Regulatory Certifications and Compliance> Kanta Enterprises’ GMP, Kosher, FSSAI, ISO, USDA, and third-party testing certifications certify the authenticity and potency of its essential oils. On every product you can find transparent information regarding extraction methods, purity levels, botanical origins, expiration date, and storing directions.


We vouch for sustainable extraction, ethical harvesting methods, and manufacturing processes, so you can indulge in nature’s love through our 100% pure and natural essential oils without any worries.

Collaboration with Communities

 As a reputed B2B essential oil manufacturer and supplier in the UK, Kanta Enterprises collaborates with local communities, thereby empowering them with promising opportunities of livelihood. The entire sourcing of our products is done from trustworthy partners across the globe

High-Octane Packaging

Each of our essential oils is carefully crafted and packed in rigid dark-colored glass bottles,which helps to protect the oil from environmental oxidation. Even during distant exports, you can be rest assured of the packaging-quality. 


As a B2B manufacturer, exporter, and global supplier of essential oils in the UK, cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality is the goal Kanta Enterprises has been achieving all these years. We do offer discounts, bulk purchasing options, and loyalty programs for added cost savings.

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Kanta Enterprises is truly passionate about manufacturing, globally supplying and exporting the best quality pure essential oils in the UK. We hope that you had a thorough overview of our hand-picked array of products and exquisite legacy.

With that being highlighted, if you’re a business looking for a trustworthy B2B brand that has been involved in the manufacturing, export and global supply of essential oils in the UK, please reach out to us. We look forward to catering to your requirements and collaborating with you. For further inquiries, please reach out to us at info@kantaessentialoils.com.