We at Kanta believe that smell and/or fragrance is a part of our everyday life. From the soap we use to bathe and the detergent we use for laundry, to the lotions we apply and the diffuser we use in our homes and office spaces, fragrances are present all around us. Kantaessentialoils earnestly manifests to give you a glimpse of its craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment. If you’re seeking a trustworthy brand that manufactures and exports genuine and potent fragrances, please contact us!

We aim to touch emotions, evoke precious memories and connect people all over the world with our fragrances. 

Why Us

Why Us

Curated Blends

Having an experience of nearly 58 years, we understand the difference a pleasant-smelling cloth and a fruity moisturizer can make to your day. Thus, we at Kanta, have been creating a variety of fragrances to cater different industries, be it the ever-evolving cosmetic industry, or fragrances for diffusers, we specifically curate blends suiting the many needs of our consumers.

100% customer satisfaction

Striving to provide 100% customer satisfaction, we are capable of creating a new blend just for you or even emulate the existing fragrance you are using. With the support of experienced professionals, our R&D team is forever finding new and improved ways to make your surroundings smell more pleasant. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and try to provide them a fragrance unique to their brand.

Quality assurance

We stand by our motto to deliver what we claim! We understand the difference a good quality ingredient can make not just to a blend, but to the final product. We guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients go into our blends.



Cosmetic Fragrances

Diffuser Fragrances

Soap & Detergent Fragrances

Candle & Incense Fragrances

Pan Masala, Filtered Tobacco, Filtered Kheni

Home Cleaning Fragrances

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we will curate it, just for you!

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Being in the industry for 60 years has made us 1 of the top manufacturers and suppliers, in India, UK, and USA, of luxury and variety fragrances globally. We master not only in curating perfume raw materials in bulk but are capable enough in curating unique and special fragrance for ever evolving cosmetic industry, body care, home care, beauty, candles, laundry etc.

We at Kantaessentialoils are ready to come up with customized fragrance profiles, robust delivery systems, and formulation techniques that will differentiate your products in the market. If you are looking for the best manufacturer and supplier of luxury fragrances, look no further. We have been crafting premium fragrances since 1971, and exporting high-quality fragrance compounds globally, ensuring top-tier quality and services.