Kanta Group, the brainchild of the late Mr. J.K. Gupta, was founded in 1971 and encompasses multiple companies, including Kanta Enterprises.

Mr. J.K. Gupta’s fondness for the fragrance and flavor industries earned him the title of “super-smeller of his era.” Since then, Kanta Enterprises has been known to produce the highest-quality products for both the fragrance and flavor industries.

Kanta Enterprises is proud to say that it has been in the manufacturing, global supply, and export of 100% pure and natural essential oils for the past 60 years. As a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and global exporter of essential oils in USA, Kanta Chemicals is excited to fulfill the escalating demands of premium essential oils across every industry possible. We have a wide assortment of products, including  Natural Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Aromatic Chemicals, Cosmetic Fragrances, Diffuser Fragrances, We today have an inventory of over 300 products serving the perfumery, food, cosmetics, and aromatherapy industry. 

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Each of our products undergoes intensive quality-certification processes.Kanta's strong team of industry experts performs all the quality-control tests with profound focus before delivering them to our esteemed customers.


The United States is a major contributor to the global essential oils market, with increasing applications in numerous industries. As per recent reports, the entire US market for essential oils which was valued at USD 11.50 billion in 2023, is projected to reach USD 27.90 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 10.55% during the forecast period 2024-2030.

The demand for 100% pure and natural essential oils is also rising sharply in the USA’s food and beverage industry, and this industry by itself is expected to generate the highest revenue in the coming 2-3 years due to the high application of essential oils in a wide variety of consumer products. In the aromatherapy, spa and relaxation, healthcare, perfumery, skincare, haircare, cosmetics, and body-care industries, there is a dynamic space for essential oil manufacturers and suppliers in the USA to grow their businesses multifold.

In response to changing consumer demands and tastes in the USA, manufacturers are also coming up with new essential oil mixes, products, and uses. These numbers give us a clear idea that USA has a significant customer base for 100% pure and natural essential oils, along with natural products made using 100% pure and natural essential oils. Hence, essential oil manufacturers and suppliers in USA can deliver profound value to people with their natural, pure, and high-quality essential oils.

In a nutshell, essential oils are intensely aromatic, highly concentrated organic liquid compounds that are derived from raw plant materials like flowers, stems, citrus peels, leaves, etc. They are derived primarily through steam distillation or cold-pressing techniques to retain their maximum therapeutic properties. Essential oils are the reason behind a plant’s distinctive smell, utility, and taste.

Essential oils have been an integral part of many cultures for centuries. Do you know that essential oils were first used by the Egyptians in 4500 BC? In fact, many of the most popular essential oils today, such as lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus, were first used by the Greeks, Romans, Indians,and Egyptians for bathhouse culture, perfumery uses, and relaxation therapies.

Coming to Ancient India, we have clear evidence of aromatherapy being recorded in the Vedas—the Ayurveda, to be exact. Through essential oils, Ayurveda has imparted to us the knowledge of leveraging essential compounds extracted from herbs and aromatics for healing and religious purposes.

What we can conclude is that history itself isn’t clear about which culture brought the knowledge about essential oils to human acknowledgment. However, irrespective of that, it is evident that after multiple discoveries, the true knowledge of essential oils has been shared over time and across the world.


The most important thing to consider when shopping for essential oils is their quality and sustainability footprint. Always look out for trustworthy manufacturers and suppliers of essential oils in the USA that have been in the industry for quite a while.

The best ones include:
• 100% purity and transparency
• On-time product delivery
• Certification and quality standards
• Sustainable sourcing
• 100% customer satisfaction
• Customized packing available
• Modern manufacturing facility
• Customised products
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When evaluating a manufacturer, supplier, and global exporter of 100% pure and natural essential oils in USA, one should always pay attention to the certifications and quality standards the company has. Kanta Enterprises’ GMP, Kosher, FSSAI, ISO, USDA, and third-party testing certifications certify the purity, potency, and authenticity of its essential oils. We provide transparent information regarding extraction methods, botanical origins, and purity levels. Kanta Enterprises stands at the forefront of gaining the trust of its clients with absolute integrity.
As sustainability is the inevitable need of the hour, ethical sourcing of plant materials should be a mandate while searching for a reputed B2B essential oil manufacturer and supplier in USA. We’re establishing benchmarks here as well. Kanta Enterprises not only sustainably procures its raw materials but also supports local communities and biodiversity conservation. Kanta Enterprises works only with sustainable cultivation, ethical harvesting methods, and transparent supply chains.

Proper packaging and storage are critical for maintaining the potency and longevity of essential oils. Packaging should be done with a sheer focus to protect oils from environmental exposure. Our essential oils are packaged and transported in robust, dark-colored glass bottles with airtight seals. On each of our bottles, you’ll find transparent labeling of ingredients, manufacturing details, proper allocation of batch numbers, expiration dates, and other vital information.

While price is a crucial factor, it should not be the sole determinant in selecting an essential oil supplier. Instead, focus on the overall value proposition, considering factors such as product quality, purity, and customer support. Compare prices across multiple suppliers, but prioritize those who offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. As a B2B manufacturer, exporter, and global supplier of essential oils in USA, cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality is Kanta’s USP. We do offer discounts, bulk purchasing options, and loyalty programs for added cost savings.


We can assure our potential clients that we have checked all the boxes of excellence and perfection when it comes to the manufacturing and export of essential oils. Once you collaborate with us, all your expectations and requirements will be taken care of by our team at Kanta.

With that being said, if you’re a business looking for a trustworthy B2B brand that has been involved in the manufacturing, export and global supply of essential oils in USA, please reach out to us. Made with perfection, care for the environment, and a passion for manufacturing the finest quality of essential oils, we hope you’ll find our products worth experiencing. We look forward to catering to your requirements and serving you with sincerity. For further inquiries, please reach out to us at info@kantaessentialoils.com.